The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the overall structure of almost every department and sector. One of the most affected sectors by the pandemic is the Education department. Now, students and teachers interact via online platforms rather than in schools and classes. This is a very tough time for both teachers as well as students. Online education is not an easy thing especially for the students of research and medicine. But, thanks to the technological advancements that made online education a bit easy. 

Most Commonly Used Platforms

Some of the main online platforms used by Educational institutions:

Google Meet


Right now, these are the main resources where teachers and students come and have a healthy discussion via audio and video calls. Zoom is the most common one here. For much more ease, schools bought upgrades of Zoom in order to avail more features like raising hands, calendars, notifications, etc. 

Overall Analysis of Educational Institutes

The educational institutions are thankful for such cloud services that make their task easy in such difficult times. But another problem that exists here is access to the Internet. The schools are also trying to get enough WAN connectivity (4G, etc) so that the people having no Wi-fi connection can use their hotspots. 

Another upgrade bought by the institutions was VPN server capacity. As, online studying is quite challenging and for research work, students and teachers need access to different sites. Thus, considering this, schools and colleges decided to increase their VPN capacity so no issue comes in between. 

The administration of schools found out that by increasing VPN capacity, the lectures were prepared really well by teachers. Not only this, a major difference in the assignments of students could be seen as now they both have more access to the data. You all know that when you are connected to VPN, you can access different sites without any kind of restrictions. Thus this really helped educational institutes to gain much data. The institutions also claimed that they have to do this because there is no idea how long this pandemic will remain still there. So, in order to not hurt the education sector, these measures were important. And, it turned out to be a positive thing for students as well as teachers.