The internet is crowded with VPNs. There has been an increase in the usage of VPN due to the awareness of security and privacy issues. Hence, developers have taken it as an opportunity, and now there are a number of apps for Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows. But wait !!! Should you randomly select a VPN for your sensitive data privacy?

And the answer is: No, you have to look at a number of things in a VPN to mark it as one of the fine VPN in providing Private internet access. You have to look at what you actually want from a VPN. You are a frequent traveler and want to watch shows on the way safely. Are you afraid of losing your data and want the protection? Specific websites are blocked and you want to unblock them? Want protection and data transfer speed at the same time?

Well, a good VPN can do all of these things but you should look for these things too. 

1. Strong Protocol.

Most of the VPN, especially free VPNs, use a weak protocol. They only use protocols that are considered too old for safety and security reasons. There are widely available tools on the internet that can help in breaking the encryption. So, the VPN should use the strong Protocol. Don't know what is the protocol? Read here.

2- No-log network.

The main purpose of every VPN user is to do private browsing and VPN providers should also be respecting this. They should have a no-log policy which means that they should not track or log into your internet activities. StarkVPN respects your privacy and is a no-log network.

3. Server Location

You might want to connect to a certain location server for a different IP address. You need to check if the VPN has that country's server. StarkVPN has 30 servers from Different Countries.

4. Multi Devices

A VPN user needs to look for a VPN that can provide privacy to multiple devices including, IOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. A normal user has 2 or more devices. So, it is ideal that you can operate a VPN on all those devices.

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5. Cost

There are multiple VPNs available that offer free services. But remember if you are looking for free services you might have to pay in another way.  There would be a lot of advertisements or your data might be sold to third parties. Comparison of Free and Paid VPN.

6. Shared IP.

If a VPN offers you access to shared IPs. You can count it as an ideal situation because there would be so much flow of information that one can't pinpoint the single user. Multiple users will be accessing the internet at the same time. But it should be so much crowded that you get slow speed.

Most of us neglect all these things while selecting the VPN. However, we might be aware of the fact that our data is always at a risk. We should not compromise on privacy threats and select the VPN with the upper characteristics.