OrNET Browser is the ultimate way to stay anonymous online. Whether you’re interested in crypto, social media, political news, or simply want to browse through the web anonymously, we’ve got you covered. OrNET Browser with Tor+ VPN makes surfing the web faster, more private, more enjoyable than ever before and it has been one of the best VPN in 2022.

Follow these steps to connect if Tor isn't connecting

Relaunch the app after clearing all the apps in the background. Because the Tor doesn't work when any other Tor is connected behind. If it still doesn't work there is the probability that your ISP is blocking the TOR relay. To bypass it please connect to Bridges.

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Here are a few methods to connect through bridges in OrNET: 

Method 1:

1. Launch the app

2. Select the Tor Panel button which is in the upper right corner in the search bar

3. Go to the Tor settings option down below

4. Select Bridges

5. Select Bridges from torproject.org

6. Solve the captcha and select request bridges

Method 2:

1. Launch the app                                                                                                                          

2. Select the" Connect Bridges" option

3. You can see 3 bridges by default 

4. Connect anyone one from them 

Method 3:

1. Launch the app

2. Select the "Connect Bridges" option

3. Select "Add a custom bridge"

4. Request Via E-mail

Best Tor Browser in IOS

OrNET is a reliable Tor browser + Vpn which doesn't let anyone track you, not even your ISP. So browse freely with no limits across the Dark Web. This TOR Browser + Vpn offers an impressive range of servers worldwide and top-notch protection whereas it also defends you from tracking and surveillance.

Download TOR BROWSER: OrNET Onion + VPN- https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tor-browser-ornet-onion-vpn/id1177964608

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Celebrating 10 million downloads

Privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age and it's important to recognize that you should have 100 percent security and also then 100 percent privacy and zero inconveniences. For that OrNET Browser provides top-notch TOR browser+ VPN which is also one of the best Vpn+ Browser in iOS and is celebrating 10 million downloads worldwide.