Is Tor Illegal? Tor often refers to an Onion Router that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. It also allows users to surf the hidden part of the web named the deep and dark web. 

Is Tor Safe or Not?

Many users fear that using Tor will be a safe option or not. 

The simple answer to this question is: Yes. 

The sole purpose of Tor is to give users the freedom to browse the web freely without any fear. Tor is one of the easiest and convenient ways especially for browsing the dark web. Basically, while using Tor, your data passes through a series of encrypted servers making your identity anonymous and mysterious. Hence, it becomes very difficult for third parties to track your identity or the activities you perform online. But, it is advised to take additional precautionary measures. One of the best possible solutions is to use Tor with VPN. It will serve as an additional layer of security against the third parties.

Is Tor Illegal? A Common Myth Associated with Tor

Mostly, people associate Tor with illegal activities. However, it is just a myth and nothing else.

There are various onion sites available over the dark web serving different purposes. No doubt that on the concealed part of the web, there are black websites through which illegal activities are performed.  But, it does not mean that the dark web only contains the bad stuff. According to some sources, it can be said that the dark web is divided into two main categories: the green and the black side. It means that some portion of it comprises the black websites where criminal activities are performed like drug dealing, hire a killer, gun markets, etc. However, the major part of it comprises the green websites that are helpful for research work and freedom of speech, etc.  There is a variety of useful data available on this portion of the web that can be really helpful.

Thus, Tor or browsing the dark web is not illegal itself but the activities the user performs via it are either legal or illegal.