Do you want to browse the internet and are afraid of privacy and security? Well, most of us are. The Tor provides a solution for our concern and helps in accessing the dark web and onion sites anonymously.

What is Tor and Tor browser?

Tor can be mentioned as free software that helps you stay unidentified online and the Tor browsers provide the best anonymous browsing. In other words, Tor Browser is a web browser using the Tor network, which anonymizes your web traffic making it easier to protect your identity online. If you are using the Tor network then you are browsing privately and anonymously.

Tor browsers are also referred to as onion browsers.

With Tor browsers such as OrNet, you don’t have to worry about privacy.

OrNET - Private Onion Browser 

Tor and VPN

Don't confuse Tor with VPN. Tor network and VPNs both are working technologies for securing your browsing and privacy online. They both use a proxy to hide your IP address. However, they are not the same. These two can be used together to increase your online security and privacy.

Using a  VPN helps you to secure your data with end-to-end encryption. Thus, your data is scrambled that is unreadable. This data is then directed through a safe channel or you can call a tunnel to a remote server. That server connects you to the websites you are browsing. VPN has access to all the websites.

Whereas, tor is mostly used to search for dark websites and has legal issues with some of the websites. But it has some of the benefits.

Anonymously accessing the web

If Tor is used properly it is impossible to track the users. That means you can visit websites without leaving your footprints and evidence out there. You anonymously connect to the onion websites.

Accessing the dark web

Tor Browser (Tor network) can be used to access the dark web (darknet or deep web). Almost all of the dark web is made up of websites only accessible through a Tor connection and only found by dark web search engines. One example is “DuckDuckGo”. So, these websites cannot be explored by Google.

Tor network is very secure and it can be made stronger by using a VPN with it. Tor is mostly used for dark websites and most of the other websites can recognize the traffic coming from Tor. This is why sometimes you don't get to access these sites. However, OrNet helps you to access almost all the sites.