Hearing about VPN from multiple sources and don’t actually know what VPN is? Well, after exploring this site you will have a lot about VPN to tell to people around you. Starting with what VPN stands for. It is actually an abbreviation of “Virtual Private Network” that allows the user to connect to the Internet via an encrypted tunnel masking your IP address. Thus, ensuring your online privacy. This means you can access the web privately and protect your sensitive data.

When using a public network connection you are exposed to the risk of cybercriminals. Therefore, it is important that you secure your data when using public Wi-Fi. Using a VPN during traveling and using public Wi-FI protects you from giving an opportunity to criminals to attack and hack your devices by changing your IP address. Using your network without a VPN exposes your IP address and you can easily be traced.

You look worried now. Ain’t you? So, find yourself a solution for your desired device with an online VPN.

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How does VPN give you Private internet access? - VPN proxy

VPN creates a data tunnel between the user’s, I mean your local network and the exit node. It seems like you are in some other place. This is how it allows you to access the blocked websites and help you in risk-free Browsing. So, the VPN doesn’t only allow you to browse privately and securely but also helps you to unblock websites.

Encryption is how a VPN protects your data. Encryption can be defined as the process of taking your data and then scrambling it so that it can’t be read. VPNs use encryption data when it’s sent over a Wi-Fi network connection and make it unreadable.

  • When you switch on VPN service, you get connected to one of the VPN provider’s servers. StarkVPN have many of them
  • VPN will give you the IP address of that particular server. Now, Instead of using your own IP address, you are using a VPN provider’s IP address.
  • Your internet connection is also encrypted between your device and the server you're connected to. This means data is converted into codes that prevent unauthorized access.

What does VPN hide?

VPN with its function of changing the IP address can result in protecting a lot of things. Which gives you risk-free internet browsing. Here are some of these.

1. Your IP address and location.

Capturing your IP address can help anyone see what you have been searching online and can see from which location you are browsing. Since VPN does not use your IP rather, it uses another IP address (The one provided by the VPN server). It allows you to do secure and private browsing with no access to your original browsing location.

2. Your Browsing History and Activity.

When you are browsing in a web browser. The history is being observed and is attached to your IP address. Your internet provider also knows what you are browsing. Moreover, the website can obtain your data too. This makes it less secure and private.

You must have observed that you are searching for something on the browser and later you are bombarded with ads about the same product on different apps. It concludes that the Browser and even your network provider can sell your browsing history. So, with a different IP address, your browsing history is secured.

3. Your Device.

VPN helps protect the data you send and receive on your devices. Hackers or cybercriminals can hack your browsing information from your devices. Whether it is a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. If they could access your internet you are at risk of being hacked.

Hiding your IP address is really important for internet security. For this mere purpose, you can use a VPN. StarkVPN is one of that VPN that is really concern about your privacy and helps you to browse Privately with high speed.