No matter what, we all will agree on a point that we love to have free things. But remember there is nothing that is free over the internet. You have to pay in one form or another. Paying money is better than giving an opportunity for providers to sell your information to a third party.

So, we can compare free and paid VPN and see to which risks are we exposed to while using a free VPN. In addition to this, we can see why should we prefer a paid VPN over a free VPN.

Free VPN

Less secure

You can download the best free VPN but free doesn’t mean secure. So the main purpose of yours about making your data secure doesn’t seem to work when you download a free VPN.


As we know the developers are keen to make money, and their only purpose is to do wealth maximization. They can do so by bombarding you with the ads with a free VPN. If you are planning to go for a free VPN get yourself ready for pop-ups at regular intervals. This can even be a security risk when you are accessing some sensitive websites.

Weak protocols

Free VPN won’t spend their money on Strong protocols. They mostly give you a protocol that is considered old and not secure. Their encryptions can be broken by the number of tools available on the internet.

Slow speed

People all around the globe look for free VPN. This means thousands of people will be on the free server. Resulting in slowing and delaying in connections. You don’t get to enjoy browsing websites

Fewer server locations

There is very little chance that the free service will provide you with a variety of locations. You have to choose from a few slow servers.

Data selling

Most people, while using the free service are not aware of the fact that their data can be obtained and sold to third parties. You should only prefer a no-log network VPN for your devices. A No-log network means that VPN providers don't store any of your information.

Paid VPN

Real Protection

Paid VPNs don’t track your activity or share your data. They have a no-log network and have access to nothing, if they do, they solely do it for diagnostic purposes.

Higher security

Top paid VPNs have to compete, so they can’t afford security failures. The best VPNs provide strong protocols that help in providing strong encryption hard to break.

More server locations

Paid services such as StarkVPN can have 30+ locations on their server list. These servers have a higher speed and you can switch to the other server in no time.

There are some paid VPN services that offer you free usage for some time to provide you experience. However, they are safe and don’t share your data at all. Moreover, they don't tend to observe your information while in a free duration time. This means that they shouldn't be compared with the other free VPNs.