Have you ever faced the situation that while browsing a website, you see the notification: 

“This Content is Restricted...”.

I am sure that you must have. Do you know the reason behind this and the ways you can overcome this? If not then read the article till the end as we are going to shed light on this issue. 

There are several websites that are blocked by the site’s owner. It does not mean that these sites are totally inaccessible for everyone. Rather it means that they have limited access and are available for a certain group of users. Following are the most common grounds on which Websites are banned:


Some of the sites are available only for some specific countries or regions. If you belong to a restricted region/area, you cannot access that website and you need to unblock a website. For example, there are many streaming sites including Disney, Netflix, etc that are restricted in few countries. There are many several common examples likewise including social media sites and many more.

How does this happen?

So the thing that happens over here is that when you try to open the website, the AI system would read your IP address and on the basis of that make the website either available or unavailable.

Fire Wall Restrictions

If you are an employee or a student, you have definitely experienced several situations where you are trying to access some on the institution/company’s device, and that site is not available for you. I still remember when I was a student, whenever I tried to use social networking sites like Facebook, I always found it as a RESTRICTED SITE.  In the same way, there are many such other sites that are made unavailable for you.

Why does this happen?

The only reason behind this is to make your people focused on their work by not allowing them to have access to every site as it will lead them towards distraction.

There are many such restrictions used as a base to make some websites not always accessible. 

So, Is there any way you can unblock a website?

Sure there is. 

Use VPN to unblock websites.

Firstly starting with a quick overview of what it is and how it unblocks the websites. 

So VPN (Virtual Private Network) hides your online identity and information by making your IP address not available. Once you connect your server to the VPN, your real IP address is replaced by the server’s own IP address. Your identity and information would be under covered and would not be available. In this way, you can access the restricted websites on your device.

There are many other ways as well to access the restricted sites but using VPN is the most common and easy practice to perform this task. Several of them are available on App Store and Play Store and would allow you to explore every site easily without any theft or information leakage.