Since the year 2019, an unknown pandemic came and spread all around the globe. Unfortunately, controlling it was not an easy task and it negatively affected thousands of lives. The doctors named this disease Coronavirus and still working on Covid Vaccine and on other ways in which it can be treated. 

This virus not only affected the health of people but also affected businesses all over the world. As we all are aware that due to pandemics, the government advised people to stay at home, and traveling was not allowed. For that time being, everything was closed but as time is passing, people are getting used to it and states are also allowing them to move back to their normal lives. But, the important thing which cannot be ignored is to take precautionary measures. 

Considering this, European Union (EU) decided to initiate COVID vaccine passports. A proposal was presented to implement these passports. 

What does the COVID vaccine passports Proposal suggest?

The passports will have the following information:

  • The information regarding the vaccination the holders have passed through. 


  • The results of their Corona tests. 

It is also expected that the passport will include precautionary measures and the ways by which the patients can get recovered. 

These passports are given the name: 

     Digital Green Passes

The Importance of such Passports

Tourism is a big sector and many countries rely heavily on this. But, during this pandemic, the traveling industry was the one that got the most negatively affected. But having such passports would be helpful and also allow safe travel. 

However, some issues are highlighted which involve:

Having Corona vaccination is not a compulsion,

Not everyone has access and the proper source to get the vaccination. 

Not only this there are some privacy concerns attached to it too. 

What types of Privacy Concerns?

There is a fear that these passports will track the health status of the holders with their consent,

In what database their information would be stored? Also, if it would be kept secure or would be accessible to others. 

A rights group raised to the voice on this gave it statement stating that digital IDs would lead towards sensitive data regarding health and travel staus of the individual etc. Also, another point that is raised is that there are no digital passports for other diseases, then why for covid?

As there is a threat that having such digital ID can lead towards identity fraud etc. 

Answers to the Privacy Concerns

All these concerns are valid but the supporters of such passports made their point too. 

Why only for Covid?

There is no doubt that the world is facing such pandemics from the start. But this is one of the biggest and longest pandemics that happened ever. Also, the whole world got affected by this rather than a few countries.  

Also, maybe the world is not aware but Covid vaccine passports do exist. The sole purpose of them is to encourage safe travel among the countries. 

However, it is still in a debate that either these passports should be implemented or not. 

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