There are two tools that are being widely used for online privacy and anonymity. One is Tor browser commonly known as onion browser and the other is VPN. These two ensure the online privacy of users and protect them from hackers or being traced. Most of the users want to increase the layer of privacy and try to use Tor and VPN together.

Therefore, we will discuss here if using a VPN and Tor together increases privacy and makes the browser the most secure browser.

Can we use Tor and VPN together?

While Tor browser does its job and maintains your anonymity online, some privacy threats can be overcome by using a VPN. So, the answer is “YES” using a combination of Onion and VPN makes Tor browser the most secure and private browser. 

Tor/onion combining with VPN provides users all the privacy protections of the Tor network. In addition to this, it adds protection that safeguards any Tor node from seeing your home IP address. Using Onion over VPN will also allow you to use tor by your home network or where tor is blocked, as a VPN server will be used to encrypt all the network traffic.

Can we get Tor and VPN under one app?

First of all, we need to understand that the Tor browser is not a VPN. Tor browser or onion browser should not be confused by VPN. These two tools might look similar but don’t consider them the same, they both accomplish online privacy goals in their own way.

There are a number of apps that provide Tor and VPN  together and the most famous of all them in the USA is "OrNet". The basic purpose is to let users browse privately and safely. Tor itself isn’t illegal but you could get flagged for suspicious activity if the web pages discover that you’re using it. Moreover, the annoying and frustrating captcha might keep loading over the website. Here VPN direct you through a safe channel to a remote server,

Tor over VPN

One of the methods to use Tor and VPN is “Tor over VPN''– also called “Onion over VPN”. With this method, the user connects to a VPN first and later accesses the Tor network through it.

For this method, you have to open the StarkVPN app and connect to the VPN. Then navigate directly to the "OrNet" and connect to the Tor. VPN encrypts your data and hides your IP address when Tor over VPN is used. It routes your traffic through one of its VPN servers before connecting to the Tor network.


  1. Not just your browser activity is protected but all your activity is protected. Even Tor servers cannot access your IP address.
  2. With Tor over VPN, your ISP won’t be able to see that you’re using Tor.


  1. Tor over VPN doesn’t protect you from malicious exit nodes.

VPN over Tor

The second method that can be used in combining these privacy tools is using a "VPN over Tor" – also called “VPN over Onion”. Tor network is connected first and then a VPN. This method is ideal for communicating sensitive information. You can connect to Tor in the "OrNet" and then navigate to OrNets VPN screen to connect to VPN.


  1. VPN over Tor protects you from malicious exit nodes.
  2. If your VPN logs your information, it keeps your IP address hidden from your VPN service provider.


  1. Your ISP will still know that you are using Tor. However, your activity is hidden.

Tor browser or onion browser itself is safe and provides a high quality of safety and anonymity. However, if you want a layer of extra protection, privacy and want to maximize your anonymity then you should use a VPN with Tor.