Hacking is one of the biggest threats any person using the internet faces. There are many ways through which your identity and personal information get leaked. Also, hackers can track your online activities quite easily. Thus, it is a big challenge to secure your information from hackers.

Therefore, online privacy is the top concern for almost everyone surfing the internet. But, what are the reliable sources to do this?

It is possible by Using a TOR browser or VPN or using both of these tools together (Tor + VPN)

They are the most common tool to perform this task. Both of them hide your online identity but in different ways. In this article, we would discuss the TOR browsers and how they work. 

What actually is TOR?

TOR is the short abbreviation for “The Onion Router”. Its primary function is to make your online identity anonymous. You can download this tool easily for your Windows, Mac, or mobile phones, etc, and perform online activities without the fear of your personal information leakage. 

One of the most used Tor app for IOS is OrNet.

How does it Work?

An interesting fact, there is a reason behind why it’s called ONION browser. 

Because of the security layers, it has. You must have seen that there are several layers on an onion, right? In the same way, TOR browsers have layers too for your online privacy. 

So basically, the first layer encrypts the communication, especially the user’s IP address.

After it passes to the second layer where your IP address and other information are encrypted even more as it comprises several more TOR relays. Then after passing through the third and the final layer, it makes your IP address either anonymous or changed stating that you are present from some different physical location. 

In simple words, TOR browsers have the ability to impersonate your online identity. 


Tor can help you with the following things.

  1. Allows you to access the restricted sites.
  2. Make your online identity private.
  3. User friendly.

Thus it's simple to use and provides you online privacy while browsing over the internet.

However, TOR browsers have gotten a bad reputation even considered to be illegal as it is associated with the dark web. But in reality, it’s not the browser but the purpose you choose to use it.

I do agree that people use such browsers for bad purposes too but it is not the fault of the technology at all. It is basically you who make the decision whether to use it for the right purpose or the wrong one. Thus there is nothing illegal related to the TOR browser but your activities performed through it. 

Remember there are TOR browsers available online that has just one purpose: