Tor browsers provide a high level of anonymity and are considered to be more secure than the normal browser. However, most of us have a question in our minds about how secure it is? We will discuss this in different aspects.

Can someone see your browsing activity?

Well, while using the Tor browser, your location and your traffic will be hidden. However, some people can still see a part of your online browsing activity. The operators of each server through which data passes are anonymous. Each of them can only see the location of the previous and next relays. However, this is not the case with the last relay.

The exit node or the final relay is where the final layer of data encryption is removed. Here no one can access your original browsing location or IP address, but this can spy on a part of your activity while accessing an unsecured website.

How to avoid this?

To avoid this situation one solution is to use the “VPN over Tor” - “VPN over Onion” method. In this method, the Tor network is connected first and then a VPN. This method is ideal for communicating sensitive information.VPN over Tor protects you from malicious exit nodes. If your VPN logs your information, it keeps your IP address hidden from your VPN service provider too.

You should avoid revealing your identity even on Tor Browser by providing your original name, email address, location, or any other personal information.

Can anyone see you are using Tor?

Yes, your internet service provider knows when you switch to Tor. network. This arises a problem that draws unwanted attention. Even though they can not see what you are doing online. but they know that you are connected to Tor.

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How to avoid this?

This can be avoided by the “Tor over VPN” - “Onion over VPN” method. With this method, the user connects to a VPN first and later accesses the Tor network through it. Not just your browser activity is protected but all your device activity is protected. Even Tor servers cannot access your IP address. With Tor over VPN, your ISP won’t be able to see that you’re using Tor.

Can your IP get exposed?

In some situations, your  IP address can get exposed and this can compromise your privacy. Your IP can get exposed while downloading some files or streaming using tor browser. This is why even the founder of Tor discourages downloading anything from Torrent.

How to avoid this?

You can avoid this by downloading or streaming using a VPN instead of Tor if you are looking for privacy or anonymity. However, if you want to download from Tor turn on VPN with this and then start your download or stream.

While using Tor you should be aware of the fewer but possible threats and try to avoid them as much as you can. In addition to this Tor is slow, this is because of the fact that there are so many relays from where data passes. This makes it unfavorable for some users. However, slower doesn’t mean insecurity.