After WhatsApp updated its privacy policy, it is facing criticism from people all around the globe. The policy was about:

Sharing the data with Facebook.

It was not acceptable by the users because they feel a huge threat of their personal chats getting leaked. When WhatsApp came up with this policy, people accepted it without reading it. But as soon the users found out about it, WhatsApp became one of the hot topics for controversy.

However, Whatsapp did take steps like uploading status to ensure the users that their personal chats would be kept secure like before. But still, users were not happy with this new policy and forcing WhatsApp to change it. 

What Happened After the Change in Privacy Policy?

As the users were not comfortable with this new policy by WhatsApp, the rivals including Telegram and Signal had witnessed massive downloads for their app. In short, people were switching from WhatsApp to other platforms. 

Considering this, Whatsapp (recognized as a market leader in the domain of private conversation apps), postponed its deadline to approve this new privacy policy. The previous deadline was February 8, but now it is extended till May 15.

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WhatsApp tweeted that it is still working to remove the confusion of users regarding their privacy issues. Also in a recent blog, WhatsApp mentioned the following points to clear all the concerns people have regarding the new policy:

  • WhatsApp or Facebook will have no access to the personal chats of users.
  • WhatsApp/ Facebook cannot see your current location.
  • Your contacts would not be shared with Facebook.
  • WhatsApp Group will remain private.
  • The call logs or their info would not be visible to Facebook.

These were the points that WhatsApp shared with the users but still, people are not able to believe this and have a fear that their private chats would not be secure.

WhatsApp extended its deadline thus making continuous efforts to retain its users.

What will happen if you don’t accept this Privacy Policy by WhatsApp?

As the deadline is now May 15, WhatsApp said that if you don’t accept the policy till then, you will not have full functionality over WhatsApp. It means you will receive the calls and the notifications by WhatsApp but you cannot send or read the messages. In short, your account would be considered to be inactive and will get deleted automatically after 120 days.

Also, the data and previous chats would be deleted by WhatsApp. But, the users have the option that they can download their chat history on their devices and simply move on. 

This shows that users are left with only two options:

  1. Accept the New WhatsApp Privacy Policy
  2. Download your Chat history before the deadline and say Goodbye to WhatsApp.

You still have time till May 15, thus you just need to make the decision wisely.