Encrypting data also known as ciphertext is a way of securing your information by scrambling it into a code. So, it can only be decrypted to the endpoint with the right encryption key. It cannot be accessed by anyone that doesn’t have permission to access it.

In other words, it is unreadable for the middle man. As encrypted data is known as ciphertext, decrypted data is referred to as plain text.

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How encryption is Used?

The main purpose of the usage of encryption is to save sensitive data from third-party intervention.

Thus, an algorithm and a key are used to encrypt the plain data with the encrypting software. The result of this is a ciphertext. Now, this ciphertext can only be seen in plaintext form when it is decrypted by the original key.

Types of VPN Encryption

Encryption for your information can be applied in three different forms, asymmetric key, asymmetric key, or hashing algorithms.


Symmetric-key ciphers use only one key, the same secret key is used for encrypting a message or file and decrypting as well. This makes symmetric-key encryption much faster than asymmetric. This is only best when using smaller data sets.


On the other hand, asymmetric cryptography, also known as public-key cryptography, uses two different keys:

  • Public key
  • Private key 

The public encryption key is for anyone and can be used by them to encrypt. The opposite key is a private key and used to decrypt. This private key must be protected. 

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Hashing algorithms

Well, hashing is another method that is being used by VPNs. Hashing algorithms are categorized into HMACs, “hash message authentication code” that combine the security of hashing algorithms with additional cryptographic functions. The hash produced is encrypted with the sender's private key, resulting in a keyed output

As technology advances, the risk of breaking encryption will increase. On the other side, the companies will focus on making the encryption stronger for the protection of the customers' Data. Our data is sensitive and its security depends on what services we opt for. Therefore, choose your security apps wisely.