Virtual Private networks are being used worldwide for different purposes. However, the main purpose of these VPNs is to provide anonymity and security. Most of the VPN enhances this anonymity by providing users with a no-log policy.

What is a no-log VPN?

A no-log VPN is referred to the virtual private network that does not collect, or “log,” any information transmitted through the network. This means that the VPN service provider doesn't save any information about the user's personal details.

This information might include which website you access, which device you use, what you download, what you search for, or what you bookmark. So, by a no-network policy of a VPN, users online privacy and anonymity is protected from everyone, even your VPN provider does not know what are you doing online

Why should every VPN be a no-log VPN?

Well, most of the users' main concern or the purpose of using a VPN is their online anonymity. If VPN promises to provide anonymity from the internet service providers, browsers, and others. They should also respect the user's choice. The online activity should be private and shouldn’t be sold to any third party for any reason.

Most of the VPN companies believe in online freedom and provide users no-log policy. Hence, they don’t log any of the users' information which makes them best to use. These VPNs with no-log service won’t build databases of any user's personal information to sell to third parties for any purpose.

Does every VPN have a no-log policy?

Well, most of the VPN service providers claim that they don’t keep logs but they might keep them for numerous purposes. They might use them for analysis, to sell data to third parties, to enhance the customers' experience, and so on. If they maintain any logs they should clearly mention this in their privacy policy.

Does StarkVPN maintain logs?

As mentioned in the privacy policy, StarkVPN doesn't log any of the users' information. However, StarkVPN only collects the contact information of the subscribers. This is just for communication purposes when users have a query about the app and aggregate bandwidth usage. It does not log information about which website you access, what you download, or what you search for.

All the VPN has different log policies depending upon their business models and priority. Therefore, it is very important for the user to buy VPN carefully. They should buy a VPN with a strict no-log policy. Without this policy, you’re at risk. For instance, your information can be used to track you, bombard you with ads, or monitor your online activity.